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Nicky is the Insight Training Director who specialises in commercial and financial awareness programmes.

Handling conflict in your remote team

Most of us are incredibly busy with the day job right now.  January is typically heads down in most practices whether its dealing with tax or year end accounts and this year there’s even more to do in helping to support clients dealing with an incredibly challenging business environment.

When we’re busy, most of us become

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The big picture

Businesses have faced an incredibly challenging six months and the future for some is precarious.  Restrictions are changing on pretty much a weekly basis.  For some the capacity to trade at all, let alone profitably, has been reduced dramatically. The announcement of last week’s winter economy plan will be a game changer for

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New Kids on the Block (or not!)

How to get new joiners off to the best possible start when working remotely.

As Autumn approaches, many firms will be set to welcome their new joiners.  Induction will vary from firm to firm – but typically some students would have spent their first weeks at college, some might have had some time in the office

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Developing Personal Effectiveness

How can you develop your effectiveness in the workplace?  This highly interactive workshop will take you through a series of practical exercises and case studies which will help you to focus on your strengths and develop strategies to overcome areas of weakness.  Learn how to manage your time more effectively by

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Core Credit Essentials

When working in banking and financial services, understanding the business and financial information of customers is a must.  Being able to engage effectively and being confident when discussing business finance is key to making an effective lending decision, to providing excellent customer service and in

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Financial and Commercial Awareness

Our programmes are more than ‘Finance for non-finance managers’.  Building confidence in financial ability is key for commercial awareness.  Our workshops aim to make financial information accessible to all and always address the specific needs of the client.  Whether the focus is understanding cash flow,

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Financial Awareness for HR

Our client in the financial services sector needed a programme to help its HR and support department staff improve their financial awareness. Specifically they wanted them to understand and appreciate the issues their customer facing colleagues were dealing with. A series of two hour workshops was delivered over a number of weeks, engaging participants in

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Risk and Financial Control

Following a financial fraud, our client needed to build financial awareness and highlight risk assessment and control -a hugely important area, though one that can be dry. An interactive case study was delivered, based on the real business. This allowed participants to work in multi-disciplinary teams and

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Improving Financial Awareness

Our client, a card acquirer, wanted its fraud team to understand the fundamentals of business and accounts. Participants were experts in investigating card fraud but needed to also be able to understand fraud triggers and poor financial control in the merchants they dealt with. A

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